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We partner with both clients and consultants alike. We build strong, value-driven relationships with people, not only when they actively look for jobs but accompany them throughout their career development with us. In this way, we build a strong relational network and have access to the brightest talents on the market.

We pay our consultants as much as possible and take very sensible margins. This gives our clients more skills and experience for less money. Our consultants generally stay on site longer and renew their contracts because they feel integrated in our network and feel fairly paid.

Being on the market for several years, we have built a wide network of consultants. With a team of highly skilled and qualified recruiters, our recruitment process is as fast as possible.

Business needs have to be covered by the right persons as soon as possible but also for a fair budget. TRON provides flexible and effective IT expertise for short- and long-term projects.

TRON helps enterprise organizations with their IT workforce solutions and complement these with unique growth opportunities in Romania since 2007 and in Germany since 2002.

– Rafael de Mestre, TRON CEO

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With us, you will have access to some of the most challenging opportunities on the Romanian IT market. With a team of highly skilled and qualified recruiters, our recruitment process is as fast as possible. We offer you advice and guidance throughout the process of becoming an IT Consultant. 

We put clients at the heart of what we do

We make sure our clients have access to professionals in their field, as soon as they need them, so they don’t lose crucial momentum on their projects and revenue streams. We place consultants seamlessly into our clients’ businesses, so they are up and running without delay.

Our consultants specialize by industry and function, so our clients know they are working with someone who knows the culture of that market. We supply IT consultants to clients in financial services, retail, logistics, telecom, utilities and to other sectors.

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