WIN strategy


The exclusion of human beings in automated process open a new field of unrecognized errors which are harming companies strongly without them being aware of it. Process definition errors caused by the process designers or ai algorithms need to be identified by experts in this field.  PEI (process error identification) became a must have in the digital world.

TRON developed the WIN method which is a powerful approach to exclude any kind of process errors. This logic based approach is mathematically proved that it is excluding process errors up to 100% if needed. On the detail level of 100% you will reach a granted 100% error free, mathematical proved process.

We are helping enterprise companies in banking, retail, insurance and other sectors since decades to avoid these business critical errors taking over the evaluation of single processes, processes of divisions, sectors like security, call centers or for the whole company.

You can book us also as an external powerful partner to monitor your processes being part of the continuous improvement process.

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