E-mobility Consulting


Three phase 22kW/h standard charger with Type2 cable

Adjustable up to 32 Ampere

Charging speed up to 22 kWh

32A three phase plug

Compatible to 22kWh Standard

Plug and play – easy installation



Input/Output: 2 x 22kW

Output Current: 32A

Output Voltage: 400V

Water protection degrade: IP65

LED indicator

2 x 5,5 meters Type2 cable included

CE/LVD/EMC Certification


2x Type2 32A sockets

43” LCD display

22kW/h charge speed

RFID or app (iOS and Android) authentication

Advertising management software

Water resistant (IP55) and vandalism protected (IK9)


1x Type2 32A socket

22kW/h charge speed

Can be mounted on wall or pole

RFID or app (iOS and Android) authentication

Water resistant (IP55) and vandal proof (IK9)

kW/h counter (very precise, german quality)


Compatible with all car models

Type 2 to Type 2

Three phases 32A (up to 22 kW)

Cable length: 5 meters

2-year warranty



Mobile charger

Rated current: 32A

Output power: 22 kW

Cable length: 7,5 m

WiFi and Bluetooth connection



Rated current: 32A
Charging power: 22 kW
Voltage: 400 V
Plug type: Type 2 (in acc. with ICE 62196-2)
1.5 m Type 2 cable

This product comes in 2 versions:
– with WiFi and OCPP
– without WiFi and OCPP



1.42m Type 2 electric car charging cable.

Can be extended easily to 3.25m

Three phase up to 22kW charging possible.

TÜV and CE certified

2 years of warranty

Quality approved in Germany


Input voltage: 110^440V AC

Input frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Output voltage: 110~440V AC

Output power: 22 kW

Cable length: 5 m

Supported payment: NFC / RFID (Optional)


Why Consulting?

There are hundreds of different charge stations on the market, you may have your preferences on design, performance, usability, billing, control, compatibility, vandal-proof, speed, power, number of sockets or preferable plugs, load balancing, outsourcing, authentication, monitoring, technology, loudness, mobility, power consumption, TÜV / CE / GS certification, scalability, subsidiaries, …

The cheapest charge station costs less than €300; DC charge stations start at €4,000, triple chargers €15,000 and high Power 500kW chargers around €100,000. There is a big opportunity to save money choosing the perfect product for you.

Why choose us?

Rafael de Mestre, TRON CEO,is one of the most experienced consultants in the world, he circumnavigated the world in an electric car twice (2012 and 2016) and is the first man to come to Romania from Sweden in an electric car in 2011.

Since 2011 he has contributed to the charging infrastructure:

  • Introduction of the first charging points in Romania at Continental hotels in 2011
  • Advising Tesla on the best placement of Superchargers in Romania.
  • The first electric car crosses Romania to the Black Sea.
  • Inspiring others to fund charging infrastructure companies.
  • Romania’s first registered electric car (Tesla Roadster).
  • Consultant for Innogy to optimize international rollouts for charging points.
  • Planning and installation of charging stations around the world.


We take care of:


  • Complete projects at fixed prices including the installation of solar systems, solar carports.
  • Operation including call centre for charging station infrastructures – worldwide.
  • Coordination of construction measures including civil engineering.
  • Support in applying for permits, needs analysis for additional power supply / medium voltage transformers.
  • Project management & control of other service providers.

Rafael de Mestre

TRON IT Consulting started in 2002 as an IT Consulting company focusing on the network & security domain. Leading the IT rollout of the EU border security implementation we got the experience on how to manage huge infrastructure development projects with sensible data.

The new automotive technology is bringing new challenges regarding network security related to IOT devices like electric car charge stations which have to be cared of not to risk a blackout in a city.

TRON IT Consulting is now focusing on electric mobility, an important part of the development of Smart City projects – which is no longer just a concept, it is a necessity and a new way of life for all citizens of a developed city. E-mobility offers certain advantages from those already existing (very low cost of using electric cars, zero pollution etc.) to those that are in the design phase (communication between cars or communication with the traffic management system).

TRON IT Consulting encourages e-mobility within cities but also between cities, as a result of the desire of electric car drivers to escape from the city.

TRON IT Consulting is open to any partnership with those who want to get involved in the development of a national network of electric car charging stations: local public authorities, real estate developers, shopping and leisure centers, hotels, restaurants, public and private parking owners, etc.

TRON IT Consulting provides a complete range of charging stations, which can provide charging for a simple electric scooter to electric buses. The devices in our catalogue are selected carefully by the most experienced long-distance driver of the world – our CEO, Rafael de Mestre, who circumnavigated the planet twice in a standard electric car.

TRON IT Consulting offers complete services for the installation of charging stations: design, installation, configuration, maintenance, management and payment – from the project phase initiation until hand over or operation of the charge station or charge station network of the client.

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